4 science-backed health benefits of cinnamon and how to add more to your diet

( Cinnamon adds more than a warm, spicy flavor to food. Its benefits include acting as an antioxidant and lowering cholesterol levels.

Adding Cinnamon, Turmeric To Green Tea May Help Boost Immunity, Weight Loss And Overall Health

We bring you a healthy tea recipe that adds the goodness of medicinal spices like cinnamon (dalchini) and turmeric (haldi) to your cup of green tea.

5 Cinnamon Essential Oil Benefits That can Spice up Your Life (if Used Carefully)

Cinnamon essential oil is steam distilled either from the leaf or the bark of the cinnamon bush or tree.

Type 2 diabetes diet: Is cinnamon (Dalchini) the most potent spice to control high blood sugar? | Health Tips and News

Cinnamon, also known as dalchini in Hindi, could be used as a home remedy to help control high blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

Coumarin calculator Cumarin Rechner | Periodics® Table of Spices

The Coumarin Calculator lets you calculate your daily tolerated intake of cinnamon. Der Cumarin Rechner berechnet deine tolerierte Tagesdosis Zimt.

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[83] Chinese cinnamon Zimtkassie | Periodics® Table of Spices

Cinnamomum cassia. Chinese cinnamon is the most used cinnamon type in Europe. Zimtkassie (Kassia-Zimt) ist die meistverwendete Zimtsorte in Europa.

True cinnamon Echter Zimt Cinnamomum verum | Periodics® Table of Spices

True cinnamon (lat. Cinnamomum verum, ceylanicum) is native to Sri Lanka. Echter Zimt (Lat. Cinnamomum verum, ceylanicum) ist in Sri Lanka heimisch.